Ministries and Coordinators

Spiritual Education
Biblical training enriches the student by giving structure and in depth study to provide a stronger more equipped believer.

Care Ministry
Care provides compassionate, caring concern through personal contact with visitors and members of the church family who have a special need of spiritual support.​

New Members 101
This 4wk course is designed to immerse new members in the Vision, Heart, Mission, Beliefs and Visionary of Word of Life Christian Faith Center and to connect grow and serve in the church and community.

Shepherds Committee                                                                                                                 
Pastoral support through various fundraising activities to aide the Pastor with furtherance of his ministry through conferences, educational opportunities or needs unspecified.

Church Ordinance
Communion honors Christ death, burial and resurrection his body (the bread) and the juice (His blood) which is shed for the remission of sin.

Baptism represents the believers death to sin, burial through submersion in water, and resurrection with Christ symbolized by the coming up out of the water to new life in the kingdom.

Men of Distinction
M.O.D. aide’s men in the development of their relationship with God, family and community. To maximize manhood as we reach out and build relationships between brotherhood.

Deacons provide guidance and spiritual responsibility to assist the Pastor in every endeavor concerning helps, to help ensure the setup of spaces for various ministries and securing of the building.

Women of Purpose
Women of Purpose exist to bring women together for prayer, fellowship, encouragement, and spiritual growth.

Children and Youth
Living IVictory Everyday seeks to provide a venue for teenage youth to communicate on their level about the Kingdom of God. The goal is to raise a powerful generation of leaders who have an appetite to live for God. 

Children Ministry is designed to provide a biblical foundation for children the concept of salvation, baptism, and discipleship. This ministry promotes bible interpretation through skits and plays. 

Music & Fine Arts Ministry
Music & Fine Arts are designed to precede the preaching of Gods Word and aide in the effectiveness of the Word by, engaging congregants and immersing them into the healing presence of God; through song, dance and worship.

Musicians: This highly disciplined band ministry is designed to invoke praise, movement, inspiration and joy through the gift of the Holy Spirit on the musicians. To create an atmosphere through sound that brings Glory to God.

Media: provides powerful visual aide . This technical ministry is the life line of services. Microphones, Instruments, Recording devices, Video devices and more impact our guest and members alike and help communicate the vision of the ministry in ways that no other could.

Movement Ministry: those called to worship God in Spirit and in truth to build an army of worshipers for the lord who desires to worship the lord through rhythmic movement including: dance, drama set to music, processional, pageantry and spontaneous Praise and Worship.

Sanctuary Professionals
Greeters welcome congregants, providing guidance and direction to activity locations on site, while building rapport between attendees and the ministry.

Hospitality provides coffee, juices, pastries and a warm inviting environment to guest and members alike.

Ushers serve to direct service attendees to appropriate seating, restrooms, and other facilities. Ushers work in conjunction with greeters ensuring a pleasant welcome and a reverent worship environment

Armor Bearers assist the Pastor in his actual ministering to people. They ensure that a free course is given for the Pastor to preach the word of God. Making sure that nothing stands in the way of his ministering effectively.

Intercessory Prayer
Intercessory provides spiritual support on the behalf of others for the presence, power, and purpose of God to manifest in the lives of others and our church.

Public Relation, Marketing Ministry
Church perception is at the heart of this ministry. Promotions of church ministries, special events, and activities through marketing and publications directly impact the Ministry’s image, interaction, and rapport with the community.

Marriage Enrichment Ministry
The Marriage Enrichment ministry builds strong and vibrant marriage relationships through the word of God and events. 

Necessary Treasures Ministry
Our purpose is to be the Necessary Treasures of Food and Supplies to those who need it most. We work with Hays County Food bank and other companies to provide food to those who need it.