Expectations of Elders

Titus 1: 5-11
Expect me to alway to treat you as an Elder. As long as you conduct yourself as a God-called preacher of God.   I will go out of my way to affirm you and magnify your ministry from the pulpit.
You will have no private life in which you may do as you please without it being a reflection on the Lord or this church.
I expect you to have a heart for People. Engage with them, talk to them, encourage them, prayer for and with them. Be a part of the First impressions team, altar prayer and exit team as we appreciate our guest and member. These are real people for whom Christ gave his life. They are worthy of our care and concern when they step on our campus. In fact, if we really take seriously the mission of serving people, it will show up in all areas of our lives; our home , workplace, and our circle of friends.
I expect you to spend time in the Word and in prayer.
I expect you to have energy, pride , enthusiasm, and excitement About the ministry. To Models evangelism be passionate about sharing the gospel. I expect your attitude to be positive and worthy of becoming a leader in the church.
Never surprise your pastor, let me know up front what your intentions are.
Never share your disagreement with the pastor with someone else in the church.
Pay attention during the sermon.  Show the congregation how that’s done
If you have a problem with me , do not expect me to be sensitive enough to pick up on it.  Either handle it yourself with prayer or come and tell me about it.  Worst of all would be to let it fester and grow to the point of endangering our relationship.
If you cannot carry out a task you’ve agreed to do, get back to me and say so.  Never leave me expecting something from you which you have no intention of carrying out.
I expect you to have a personal growth plan. Reading the Bible, books, listening to podcasts and videos on leadership, preaching and growth, attending conferences, and other opportunities to increase your effectiveness.
I expect you to a be person of faith that attracts other to the Lord and your church. To lead the way to evangelizing and speaking positive about your church.
I expect you to be a voice for the Vision, able to share it with others and to pray for the success of the ministry.
I expect you to be a problem solver , finding ways and resources to get things done. Resolving conflicts and speaking positively with faith that things will work out for Good.
I expect you to lead by example, modeling the way through lifestyle evangelism that will help others come into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
I need to know I can depend on you to be trustworthy and consistent in carrying out given assignment.
I expect you to Be on Time and well prepared for your assignments given.
I expect you to know and be able to communicate Word Of Life’s Vision of ( Transforming Lives Through The Power And Love Of Jesus)
It’s important that you know our Healthy Church Strategy.
( We magnify the name of Jesus in all we do, that Worship.
We focus on the mission of introducing others to Jesus, that Evangelism, We bring people into the membership in God’s family, that Fellowship, We help people become more like Jesus, that Discipleship, We help people discover their spiritual gifts,Heart , abilities , personality and Experience (SHAPE) for serving others . We nourish the life of God in our self and others, that’s Prayer, We effectively model Christian behavior, that Leadership.
I expect accountability as you train and develop the people under your influence. Be honest about the results of your work and make improvements and adjustments that will being attention to others to want to be a part of your team.
I expect you to be an example of uncompromising integrity and excellence which provides a spiritual experience to our guest and members by meeting their needs in an exceptionally caring way. The goal is to give people something they will always remember. That we are passionate in our pursuit to be a Caring Church.
( Compassionate ,Awareness,Resolving Immediate Needs Gracefully)
I expect you to help achieve a church culture that anticipates and attends to the needs of our guest Before they arrive. Our service is not a performance, but a positive experience that touch the heart of people with hands of compassion in the hope that they will discover a relationship with Jesus and reach out to others .
I expect you to know the plan of salvation and how to pray and lead a person to the Lord . I expect you to have a hunger for souls to be saved , delivered and set free. Excited to see lives transformed through the Power and Love of Jesus Christ.